The Réunion Métis association was created in February 2020 thanks to a public-private partnership, following the success of the first Métis Meeting (20,000 people in 3 evenings, 400 young people involved in educational actions, more than 100 artists present, 20 patrons,…).

The purpose of the association is, in a non-profit and general interest purpose, to raise awareness, promote, develop and encourage actions that enhance Reunion Island living together through artistic, educational, cultural, social activities, by linking the actors of all these environments and that of the company, with as a flagship project the organization of the Reunion Métis festival.

Through the history of our island, its crossbreeding and the different cultures that coexist there peacefully, Reunion Island living together is an example on an international scale. For the Réunion Métis association, succeeding in living together means demonstrating how to do it together. It is by exploring together that we succeed in making it move forward, endure, and perpetuate it.

Our DNA & our values

Many fields of action lend themselves to the deployment of the Réunion Métis association and its festival, with the common goal of working together and co-creating around the values and convictions that drive us.

Our mission

Work for Living Together by Doing Together: sharing, meetings and networking to celebrate one's territory, Nature, the Other. Federate through Art and Culture.

Our strength

Interculturality and interdisciplinarity.

Our operation

Link the cultural, social, educational and entrepreneurial spheres in our projects.

Our proposal

Create unique, immersive and unifying moments.

Our 10 commitments

Our values, our convictions and our objectives have enabled us to identify 10 commitments. A true common thread, these commitments inspire us in our actions.

1 - Act to live it together

2 - Make young people a central link in our actions

3 - Bring together all artistic disciplines

4 - Sublimate Reunion Island Nature

5 - Strengthen the attractiveness of the territory

6 - Affirming the values of citizenship in companies

7 - Open up to the world

8 - Innovate in the construction of our actions

9 - Mobilize business leaders around our associative project

10 - Celebrate, get together

Working together: our actions

Réunion Métis, through its ambition to become a major player in the local associative scene around Living Together and Making Together, offers throughout the year actions that respond to each other, that are carried out and connected, in a same clear and established objective, to build and do together.

Co-constructed with institutions, associations and local businesses, these actions take part throughout the island and will lead to the Réunion Métis festival, on December 3, 4 and 5, 2021.